Media Management

Consulting Services

Marketing Communications Consulting: We offer the following services / skill sets:- Market Potential Mapping, Consumer, Competition and Category Analysis; not limited to the following:

  • Analysis of Market Research and garnering Actionable Insights
  • Marketing Strategy Development: Product, Brand, Promotion And Communications Plan
  • Budget Planning and Allocation, Planning Efficiencies
  • Setting a Marketing Calendar
  • Overseeing and Evaluating the Promotion plan including Media campaigns
  • End to End Product Launch Management
  • Sales Kits, other presentations, Media Training

Media Consulting includes:

  • Understanding the Competition: Media, TG and Landscape
  • Using Media Data Effectively:  Insights and Recommendations for Media Data – Reports, Analysis and Trend-spotting
  • Identifying opportunities for growth in terms of Revenue, Increasing Viewership, Building a Target Audience Base
  • Campaign Planning and Analysis 

Media Training

We also conduct Media Training for Organisations, and some topics are as follows (we can customize programmes as per requirement)

  • Fundamentals of Media
  • Practical Applications of Media Planning and Buying
  • Strategic Media Planning and Objective Setting
  • Investment Management
  • Building Media and Marketing Efficiencies  

RMG Data Managed Services

media agencies

Media Agencies

• Competitive Category Report
• Missed Activity Report
• Unified Dashboard for Media Researches
• Media Consumption and TG Profiling
• Deal Tracking and campaign wise Consumption

media houses

Media Houses

• Inventory Management
• Yield Management
• Channel performance
• Missed Client Reports
• Deal Tracker



• Unified Dashboard linking Marketing and Media Data
• Media Plan and Implementation Summary
• Competitive Category Report
• Media Snapshot