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Today, as we run our businesses, it is becoming increasingly evident that to stay ahead of the game, it is critical to:

  • Analyse data quickly.
  • Present it graphically and make data visually appealing.
  • Have a unified view of data from multiple sources. 
  • Make insights predictive and actionable to aid decision making.
  • Distribute selectively.
  • Make it accessible across devices to derive insights and make decisions on the fly.

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Data Automation

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Media Consulting

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Media Training

About RMG

We are a Media Data and Consulting Company with resources having over 25 years of Media and Marketing Experience. Our skillsets lie in our comprehensive understanding of the Media Landscape and applying it to Media Campaigns, Strategy and Data Management.

We have two fundamentally strong pillars: Media Consulting and Data Management. We use the best of both to provide our clients with Media Planning and Strategy Consulting, Data Integration, MIS Automation and Visualisation: RMG offers solutions that are fully customized as per client requirements.


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