We are a Media Data and Consulting Company, and our strengths lie in our comprehensive understanding of the Media, Marketing and Communications Landscape.

We create rewarding partnerships with our clients that are based on providing effective Marketing Communications Strategy and Planning Roadmaps. Our expertise with data ensures that our clients get the insights they require with Advanced Automation Systems and Reporting Software that aid in managing their data.

We believe that we can add productively with our passion and skillsets, thereby leading to

1. Effective Decision Making
2. Optimal Deployment of Resources
3. Efficient Work Processes


The way forward is to ask different questions instead of making the same old answers fit. – Albert Einstein

This maxim defines our work culture and the way we approach any project or client relationship. The dynamics that we face today needs an approach that takes into account the constantly evolving environment around us, and the technologies that help us understand it better


Our consultants are Senior Management Executives with experience in Media and Marketing Communications. We work on the following aspects

  • Leverage existing knowledge into the Brand’s ecosystem to provide customized communications solutions
  • Add value to the management domain knowledge by effective analytics
  • Have total involvement in the process and routing learnings into the system

Our team takes the time to understand you and your business – we will listen to your needs and work with you to develop a solution unique to you and your budget.

Service Promise

Senior involvement in all jobs related to the project on hand
Strict Adherence to timelines
Transparency and access to information at all stages of the partnership with the client